Philly’s Lou Anthony Stands Up For Late Nipsey Hussle; Blasts FOX’s Laura Ingraham “Aint a Rider” | #Music

The March 31st murder of Grammy nominated music artist Nipsey Hussle sent the hip-hop community into shock and extreme grief. The slain rapper was dishonored by acts of violence at his candlelit visual and funeral procession, and on a national television news broadcast. Fellow hip-hop star and entrepreneur Lou Anthony came to Hussle’s defense on Saturday when he released his newest song “Ain’t a Rider.”

The song is a cover to Big Pun’s 1997 release “You Ain’t a Killer,” re-written by Anthony to honor both Pun and Hussle. In the very first lines of the remake, Anthony makes his message clear:

“R.I.P Big Pun, but when them n***** took Nipsey, y’all ain’t ride right!”

Anthony continued to expressed much disappointment and frustration with the aftermath of Hussle’s passing, speaking on the brawl that erupted at the visual, and the murder that happened during the funeral procession. Furthermore, right before the drums kick in, Anthony blasts FOX News reporter Laura Ingraham for the inhumane lack of respect she displayed for Hussle on a live news broadcast:

“Laura Ingraham’s only irked/ ‘cause her p**** doesn’t work.”

An independent artist and businessman from the streets of West Philadelphia, Anthony feels that “it’s low,” he said when asked about Ingraham’s comments. 

“It’s the lowest you could go. But I get that it’s systematic; when we die no one is supposed to care, we’re supposed to be worthless. It’s always been like that. But I’ma say it ‘cause Nip can’t, and ‘cause nobody else will. I’ma stand up for you, my n****, ‘cause you ain’t here to defend yourself and that’s foul. I’m riding for real!”

“As [entertainers and celebrities], the few people with access to the whole world, it’s our responsibility to say something about what hurts our communities,” said Anthony. “If we use the platform to teach instead of to stupify, then we would be using music and entertainment as a tool instead of a weapon. That’s what Nip did, and this is not how we repay him.” 

The song’s title, Ain’t a Rider, is a reference to Big Pun’s original title (You Ain’t a Killer) and one of Hussle’s most quotable lines where he said if he ended up being martyred, “Y’all better ride.” Anthony described it as the “perfect way” to pay tribute to both everliving legends.

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