Goldlink sets the mood for summer 19 with new album “Diaspora” | #Music

There are pros and cons to releasing your album on a Wednesday. To my knowledge, not too many hip-hop artists release on hump day so this can be an easy way to gain the spotlight. However, it’s still the middle of the week which means a large number of music consumers in the working world are still caught up in the maelstrom of their day-to-day activities, leaving the album to get overshadowed or forgotten about. I’m hoping the latter doesn’t prove true for Goldlink.

After announcing the project a mere two weeks ago, the DMV rapper’s second studio album Diaspora arrived last night. There wasn’t an extensive rollout which I like because he didn’t leave fans much time to create expectations—only to share their unnecessary criticism on Twitter when those expectations weren’t met. But, that’s a conversation for a different day.

Goldlink released two singles, “Zulu Screams (feat. Maleek Berry & Bibi Bourelly)” and “Joke Tings (feat. Ari Pen-Smith) ahead of the project—the former with a fitting visual to accompany it.

Diaspora is indeed a project for the culture as it incorporates many African and Caribbean instruments and sounds. Goldlink has made his intentions known on his Beats1 show, IFFY FM, that he says is “home to the sound of the black diaspora—the radio station with no rules, created for the new Americana.” I’m so here for this.

To everyone craving summer 16 “vibes,” Goldlink might’ve just delivered a whole new mood for summer 19. And while all the “hot girls” and “city boys” are acting up, I’ll be chilling at home listening to this all summer long. Please, do not disturb.

Catch him on the IGOR tour this fall and peep the project below.

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